OK I totally deserve to be black blogged.   I left the blog just hanging, un-resolved, and believe me for the past several months I’ve felt awful about it!   Particular apologies to all those finding this after searching for answers, for hope, only to be left wondering what in the world happened?  Did she have that baby or what????

I’m happy to tell you that this story has a pretty happy ending.   After honestly having the fastest pregnancy on record, I delivered a perfectly healthy boy at home on a Monday morning in early December (the kids were totally psyched to miss school).  The birth really couldn’t have gone smoother, we were all home together, between breakfast and lunch and then had all day to snuggle in bed and marvel at our newest member.   And despite all my fears, he (so far) is a happy, content, well-sleeping little guy!

Although he wasn’t able to breastfeed (just couldn’t figure it out), the weight started flying off of me and I found that my pre-pregnancy Synthroid dose was too high.  So I lowered it a couple weeks after the birth and felt great.

Sadly in March I had to return to work, and also finally get my Whole Body Scan, which had been put off for the pregnancy.   This meant another 2 week round of the low-iodine diet (and if you’ve read my previous posts, you know how much I love to diet!).  The timing could have been better… was my first month back at work with three kids at three different schools, my husband was out of town for work at least half of the time, leaving me to prepare 6 different meals a day (3 normal meals for the kids and 3 low-iodine meals for myself) as well as take care of a 3 month old.   What isn’t fun?   Serving up heaping piles of ooey gooey mac-n-cheese with ham and cheesy broccoli or watching your family eat a pizza and then sitting down to your plate of plain avocado smeared on salt-free tortilla chips and carrot sticks (which is the same thing you’ve eaten for dinner for the past 3 days).  Also, during my last go-round of the LID, I was home from work, so I had plenty of time to prepare complicated lunches from scratch….not so easy to be packing completely from scratch meals to take to the office (not to mention we must have had at least two office lunches during this time…wow, that pizza and burritos look good, but I’ll just have jam on dry homemade white bread and a handful of unsalted almonds, thank you!).   Needless to say I was CRANKY.  Being hungry makes me cranky….being hungry and watching other people eat what I can’t while juggling the stress of returning to work and being a single parent to three kids?   Maybe “cranky” isn’t the right word.

Oh but back to the Scan….this time I did the Thyrogen injections (which warning, even with insurance cost me over $1,000 each – ouch!).    The scan was a 4-day process (again, not ideal when just returning to work).   Also note that these four days are in ADDITION TO the 2 weeks of LID – so I was on the LID for 18 days….but who’s counting?

The first day I went to the hospital lab for blood work and then had to wait around for over an hour for the lab results before my endocrinologist would administer the first Thyrogen injection (which is in the hip).    The next day I went back to the endo’s office for the second Thyrogen injection in the other hip.  The third day was to nuclear medicine at the hospital to receive the tracer dose of radioactive iodine (handful of pills) and finally on the fourth day was the actual scan.   It’s pretty boring lying completely still for 45 minutes in a machine – at least I could vaguely hear the TV the technician was watching.  If you can coerce someone to go with you, I recommend it, if only for some kind of distraction.  Immediately after the scan the technician said it “looked good” as in she didn’t see any “activity”.   I was happy of course, but at that point I was less concerned with the results and more concerned with where I could get a mass quantity of food quickly.

I think I literally ran from the hospital for my car, and then in a panic, called my husband to ask his opinion of my best food options en route back to the office (since I didn’t want to screw this up and end up with something lame like a veggie sub!) .   I decided to make a run for this awesome specialty grocery/food place near our house….”grown-up mac and cheese” with bacon, a buttercream vanilla cupcake, and Irish Cream crème brulee…..yes please!   I then drove back to my office as if I were in a high speed chase (just daring an officer to pull me over)….I didn’t care that I was salivating like a starving animal…nothing was coming between me and my victory lunch!  I literally inhaled everything in under 5 minutes at my desk and it was so, so good!   But then about 10 minutes later it hit me… first I just felt kind of “off” but forced myself to ignore it…..then heard  gurgling from my mid-section….then the beads of sweat on my forehead, and then I was running from my office for the bathroom.   All I could think was THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!!!    I finally get to eat whatever I want and it makes me sick!  Life is so cruel sometimes!!!   So my advice to you is, no matter how tempting it may seem, if you’ve been strictly following the LID, try weaning yourself back onto real food again….or at least maybe skip the dairy the first day.

It wasn’t until 5 days after my scan that I received my actual results in the mail – a handwritten note from my endo saying “Nuclear scan and labs show NO thyroid cancer – looks great!”    Of course I was ecstatic and relieved…..mostly to not have to go through the treatment and LID again, or at least not for a loooonnnggg time (how about never?).   Relieved that I could start moving forward with my “new normal” of taking a daily pill, monitoring my thyroid levels, and drenching everything in sauce b/c I don’t produce enough saliva to swallow anything dry.   But I could also move forward knowing that I had weathered another storm and come out on the other side.    That life does really go on….or at least for us lucky ones.

And if you’ll now excuse me I have a pot to stir, a phone to answer, a crying baby to pick up, a 5-year old butt to wipe, and a 7-year old off on his bike to go find.

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