Am I glowing?

Not glowing just yet (I hope!).   This morning I paid a visit to nuclear medicine to answer a few question and ingest six large capsules of low-doses of radioactive iodine to prepare for my Whole Body Scan tomorrow.   I also have been fasting since 6:00am this morning (with just 1/2 hour more to go….but whose counting?).  The “tracer” iodine will hopefully be uptaken by any remaining thyroid cells in my body, in hopes of making them barely visible on tomorrow’s scan.  Based on the amount of cells visible, my treatment dose of iodine will be determined.

Meanwhile my body is completely freaking out that it’s dying (and I don’t mean that in a melodramatic way, I mean ACTUALLY dying).   As you may recall, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)  is the “message” being sent out by my pituitary gland that my body is in serious trouble unless it gets some thyroid hormone to continue functioning.  As measured yesterday morning, my thyroid stimulating hormone level (TSH) was 91.18 and rising;  in comparison, your TSH should be in the range of 0.30 to 4.7.

A high TSH combined with having closely adhered to a low-iodine diet and then fasting again tomorrow, makes me all primed to be “zapped” as planned (probably around mid-day or early afternoon).  I then have 48 more hours on my low-iodine diet and without medication to ensure maximum update of the radioactive iodine (can only imagine how tasting low-iodine hospital food is!).  Then I’ll be in isolation for two more weeks – but hopefully able to stay in touch via smart phone (hooray for technology!).  This also gives me the perfect excuse to not allow my kids to use my phone for a loooonnnngggg time 😉

At this point, even though the second half of the year has been “not fun”, I’m thankful we decided to cram everything in before the new year.  I’m SO ready to have all the surgeries/treatments behind me and finally be on the “upswing”.    Of course, being on the “upswing” means returning to work full-time and having all the (missed) holiday activities behind me and the long, 5-month stretch of winter without any days off from work ahead of me… not like the “upswing” is all that enticing either!

But I have resolved to appreciate my “isolation vacation” as much as I can – maybe take a few walks (not near others of course) and try my best to be patient (as well as catch-up with all my favorite foods, the best part!).   Hopefully, the plan won’t back-fire on me also putting on (even more) pounds  – there’s just ALWAYS a catch isn’t there????





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One Response to Am I glowing?

  1. Jackie says:

    Have been TOTALLY thinking of you, and hoping for the very best from the WBS and RI dosage…much love to you!!!

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