The Mummy Revealed

It’s the second day post-op of my second surgery.  I feel like I’ve had my ass kicked, well technically my face kicked!   This go-round I didn’t get nauseous or puke in post-op, nor do I have a piercing sore throat from the incubation tube.  But I definitely feel much worse  overall.

In addition to having five incision sites and the pain/swelling, I also feel “not well”.  Not exactly sick per se, but because I’m completely congested and my head weighs much more than normal from all the swelling, I feel dizzy and unsteady.   As I try to balance my beach ball head on my tooth pick neck I have a newfound pity for the big-headed.  I feel like my head is an anchor constantly plunging towards the pillows.

Meanwhile my poor neck, which was already swollen and sore going into this surgery is a solid yellow and black hard bruise (so much for range of motion now!).  On the bright side, the kids keep complimenting my thyroid incision scar (“Mommy you have skin there now!”).

So despite valiant efforts, I’ve been pretty much bedridden since coming home the day before yesterday and don’t see myself leaving the bedroom much today.   Tomorrow’s goal is to take a bath  – at this point seems kind of lofty (but hey, I didn’t say anything about washing my hair ;).

And now, back to resting my heavy head!

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