I’ve Been Transformed.

So I thought I was feeling better, but now I’m REALLY starting to feel better!  All thanks to the most amazing massuse/spirtiual healer/guru/whatever I saw today.   I first met her about a month ago when my awesome neighbor friend took me out for a day of  pampering.  We started out with brunch and cocktails, headed to the spa (me for massage, her for a pedi), and then to a girly movie (unfortunately, our busy schedule didn’t allow time for shopping).  I didn’t have much expectations of a new massuse, but let’s face it, ANY massage is a GOOD massage (even if it’s just a couple nudges from your sleeping partner).

But I was so impressed by her amazing hands and seemingly nurturing spirit, that as soon as my first surgery was scheduled I knew I needed to go back.  After having my panties scared off by online accounts of people having all kinds of neck/shoulder complications after having thyroid surgery, I was sure getting a post-surgical massage was a good idea.  So as soon as my surgery was scheduled, I ask Dr. McPreppy when he thought it would be safe…he said “2 weeks” – and so I made the appt. for today (on the dot!).

Still having internal swelling and imflammation and being sore, I wasn’t sure how effective a massage could really be.  Oh Mama!   I’m not ashamed to admit that merely lying on a heated table under heavy blankets in a dimly lit room smelling like roses, with the sound of ocean waves, was enough to induce a coma-like state.   But then she began to work her magic…some kind of “mind/body/spirit rejuventation”, which included traditional massage as well as just placing her hands on or just over my neck and incision.   She later told me that she was chanting mantras  and sending me “healing energy”. [For those who have been skipping yoga class, I’ll define it for you. mantra: a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation” (i.e. spritiual transformation).]  I later learned that she spent 12 years medidating with a spiritual leader including two years in India – though in Portland this is kind of like saying you played baseball as a kid.

Whether healing magic, placebo effect, or a little of both, it felt AMAZING.  From the moment I woke-up in post-op, I have been consciously turning my head in every direction, purposely sleeping on my side, and making sure I rotate side to side during the night, all in attempts of preserving my range-of-motion.  And I thought I had been doing an OK job of it, until I got up from the massage table, went to turn my head and realized for the past two weeks I’d been missing everything going on “over there”!   OH so THAT’S how far I’m SUPPOSED to be able to turn my head!  As a bonus, it might be helpful to no longer have an 8 foot “blind spot” while driving. 

So while checking out I did the logical thing – I scheduled another appointment!  Of course, it’s hard to find a good time to heal one’s body when you keep breaking it, but I managed to find a day I think (hope) will work.  Ahhh, yet another example of money equating directly into happiness and well-being!   




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One Response to I’ve Been Transformed.

  1. Maria says:

    i have a massage therapy/holistic healing lady that i see and LOVE. there’s a lot to be said for alternative medicine. keep it up!!!

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