So enough about THAT surgery…let’s talk about THIS one!

I’m rarely stumped, but I’m stumped.  Probably because my brain is so confused by what’s going on that it can no longer devote any energy to embellishing my thoughts….”no RAM left to be witty or colorful…must figure out why body has been dismantled and is under attack!”.

Maybe it’s best to break it down.  A week ago today I had a vital organ removed (with some lymph nodes) which has left not only a void in my body where “stuff” used to be but also all the functions that my thyroid used to be doing (like keeping me alive).  You might be wondering what a thyroid does…basically, it’s your body’s “gas pedal”.  It produces the hormones which allow your body to make energy to move, grow, and repair itself.  Right now, my body is still circulating hormone my poor thyroid made before it was removed, and I’m trying to “trick” it by taking a synthetic hormone (T3 – which is not the same medication I will be on for the long-term).  Two weeks before I receive my radioactive iodine therapy, I will stop taking my T3 and let my hormone levels fall, causing a state known as “hypothyroid”.  Of course, the goal is to avoid becoming hypothyroid (and death), but it is a necessary evil of thyroid cancer treatment.   I’ll go into more details on that later on – but my main point (which seems lost now), is that my body is starting to realize that someone didn’t show up to work today and that it’s hurt.

In addition, it seems I might be under attack.  I have been feeling progressively worse day by day after the surgery – this is not normal.   The pain and pressure in my neck has been increasing until last night I became nearly paralyzed by pain and fear (as I felt my neck tightening around my airway). Two pages to my surgeon later, Rick was on his way to the 24 hour pharmacy to pick up antibiotics and steroids – which appear to be helping.  I will be seeing my surgeon this afternoon to try to get this hopefully all straightened out.

But enough about LAST WEEK’s NEWS – I have a new surgery NEXT week!  I met with my nasal surgeon this morning (I’ll call him Dr. Facts) for my pre-opt appt. and also had a call with the anesthesiologist.   Sounds pretty much like the same drill….6:00 AM check-in time, general anesthesia for a 3-4 hour procedure, and recovering at home for 2 weeks. Only this time I’m  getting sent home the same day and get to have five different incision sites (all small).  Dr. Facts feels that medically, there should be no “danger” going forward with the surgery next week, but he did hint (I say hint b/c Dr. Facts only states what is “fact” not “conjecture”) that I will probably feel incredibly crappy throughout this entire time [Dr. Facts has probably never used the word “crappy” in his life, b/c “crappy” is not an actual word].   Dr. Facts also does not give or receive jokes/humor, but hey, I’m hiring a surgeon not a clown.  Though I can’t help but brag that I did make him “hint of a smile” at the end of my appointment…and now I can’t even remember what I said.

So step one is getting rid of this infection (if I have one) and swelling….then if there’s any time left before next Fri. spend it at work and feeling “pretty good” (since I’ll still be dealing with this nasal issue and recovery from my thyroid surgery).  In the meantime I have 5 prescription drugs which are divided into 9-10 doses (depending on how often I take pain meds) and need to be taken separately or together with or without (non-calcium) food.  So far today I woke at 5:30am to take a pill (no food), took one at 7:00am (no food b/c still in ‘fast’ period for previous pill)…took a pill at 8:00am with toast (non-calcium food)….ate two tums and a small piece of cheese pizza at 11:00am (calcium break! yay!)…and am currently waiting for that to get through my system before I can take 3 pills with a non-calcium lunch.   I then get to look forward to another pill with a low-calcium dinner and then fasting until my late night pills (Just in case you were wondering what my day looks like).

It’s like I’ve been time warped into an 85 year old body, retirement and all.  Huh, I wonder if The Price is Right is on?

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2 Responses to So enough about THAT surgery…let’s talk about THIS one!

  1. mzungu says:

    Dear Ash,
    1) I see you seem to crave dairy products (Reference discussion of ice cream, cheese, etc… in previous blogs)
    2) Butter is a dairy product, but Butter has Calcium; ergo not an option (for now)
    3) What is something that looks like Butter, behaves like butter, but does not have calcium?
    I have heard of an esoteric product used by semi nomadic pastoralists in the rural bush of East Africa that has purpoted food like qualities, magical medicinal properties, and seems to be an ancient precursor to a whole class of dairyesque products. I am not exactly sure of the pronunciation (or how to say it), but I think it is known as “Blieubahndie” by the aboriginal peoples of the region and can even be used as a skin lotion and hair tonic.

    In any case, I hope this information helps a bit ;o)
    -Really pulling for you champ – much love and get well soon!
    the Dakta from Masakta

  2. Jackie says:

    oops, I thought that dude said he was Mungu, not Mzungu. Oh well, watch the video anyway.

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