Day 3 Taking the Good and the Bad

Post-Op Day 3:  Feeling much better today.  Thanks to stopping all pain meds,  I am now an almost functioning person.  I got dressed this morning to drop the kids off at school at 7:30AM before an 8:00AM doctor’s appointment.  After the appointment we made two more stops before heading home for some light housework, taking a shower (I even washed my hair!), bill paying, and then starting a movie.  In the afternoon there was a storm of activity when the hubby returned with kid #2 from soccer, while kid #1 was distracting the furnace guy with the dog as the doorbell rang (it was a delivery person) just as a neighbor was stopping by to graciously deliver some books and magazines.  In response to seeing me answer the door our neighbor exclaimed “Oh, I figured you would be lying down?” To which I replied, “Do I really have a choice?”

But in honesty a day in which my most notable accomplishments included a single appointment, washing my hair, and folding a load of laundry, is a day of unparalleled slothfulness [except possibly by my lackadaisical  life in the African bush; ah Mogitu, you treated me well!].

But possibly I deserved it.  We received bad news at the endocrinologist this morning.   She had received the  pathology results from the surgery.  During the surgery, my surgeon thought that everything looked “good”.  He decided to remove only a few (five to be exact) “suspicious” lymph nodes that were right up against my thyroid, as a precautionary measure.  Unfortunately, the pathologist found that all five of the nodes contained cancer – meaning it has already spread and there is a chance that there is cancer remaining in additional lymph nodes or tissue.  In other words, they may not have gotten it all surgically.  Fortunately we have a back-up plan, which is to literally “nuke” any remaining thyroid or thyroid-invaded tissue with radioactive iodine (RAI 131 – for those who like to Google things).  As fun as being radioactive sounds, I was truly trying to avoid this long and potentially brutal treatment.  The treatment itself is not the hard part (though a definative logistical hassle).  The hard part is the two weeks of preparation for the whole body scan (WBS) and treatment (which would begin just 1 week after my next surgery) and then continuing to feel like a pile of dog poo (I think that’s the actual medical terminology) for the next two weeks afterward.  As my endocrinologist warned, “it is best to be prepared to not feel back to your normal self for 3-4 months afterward”.

So it looks like these (post-surgery) days are my “feel good” days; “feeling bad is my new feeling good!”   I already know of several strong, fabulous mamas who are and/or will be undergoing their own lousy moments, so maybe we’ll start a trend.  In the least, the more people I can get sympathy and/or depression eating, the thinner I’ll look standing next to them 😉

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One Response to Day 3 Taking the Good and the Bad

  1. Jackie says:

    Ashley, I am still trying to figure out how to reply, what to say. I am so sorry that they found those stinkin’ cancerous lymph nodes. I tried to picture you on the phone when you got that call. Did you yell at them in frustration, take it calmly, cry? Not that I need to know, I guess I am just saying this to let you know that I’m thinking of you, and how difficult this journey must be. Don’t know why I have that naive “C’mon, she’s doing everything she’s supposed to, everything should just go according to plan!” reaction. Because if it worked that way, you wouldn’t be going through this to begin with. So big hugs and sympathetic yells of frustration for you-

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