My Dream Surgery

Just as all little girls dream of what their wedding day will be like, or the birth of their children (and of course, what to name them), I have been preparing for my “dream surgery”. OK so most of the prepping has been in the form of paperwork, house cleaning, and logistical arrangements. But it hasn’t escaped me that I should also be prepping myself to look/feel my best going in.

Step 1: Getting rid of roots (check!) and then taking “before” picture.

Step 2: Shaving legs…ugh I HATE shaving, maybe tomorrow.

Step 3: deciding on comfortable but flattering “hospital wear”.

OK so what am I missing?

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One Response to My Dream Surgery

  1. Jen says:

    Well, you may be all kinds of messed up on the inside, but your hair looks great! So there’s that…
    Looking forward to the pre-op portrait with McPreppy. 🙂

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